Is it Necessary to Seal Pavers?


Is it Necessary to Seal Pavers?

Why is it Necessary to Seal Pavers and Travertine?

As a homeowner, you have probably invested a lot of time and money into your home, inside and out. It only makes sense to want your home upgrades to last as long as possible. With that being said, any sealer will make pavers resistant to stains from spilled material, oil, dirt, etc. Sealed pavers and travertine also resist UV rays which may help your pavers retain their natural color longer. Here in Florida, the sun’s damage is a huge consideration to the longevity of many costly investments such as your home. Sealing your pavers are no different.

What If I Don’t Seal my Pavers?

Sealing can protect your pavers from anything foreign that might fall on them and stain them, such as oil, leaves, and other spills. Sealing creates an invisible layer on top of your pavers that repels water, oil and anything else you might accidentally drop, as long as you wash it away as soon as you notice it.
However durable and tough the pavers may seem, they will be susceptible to damage by fading, mildew, weather change, staining, etc. Sealing the pavers will keep your stones looking new for a longer time. Be it any kind of pavers, sealing the paving stones improves the aesthetics of your pathways or driveways, and overall, the home. Sealing is optional, but not doing so will make your pavers prone to damage and require repair or replacement sooner than you may have budgeted for.

Can I Do it Myself?

There are a lot of things that can go very wrong if you’re not a professional. Some of the most common problems that result from DIY paver sealing is a hazing or a white film trapped under the sealer. When this happens, the only option is to strip all of the sealer and start all over. It’s also common that the pavers you sealed weren’t properly cleaned first. We use specialized equipment to clean the pavers professionally and correctly.
Ultimately, attempting to clean and seal your pavers yourself could cost you much more than you were attempting to save. You will pay retail for the sealer, you’ll more than likely have to rent a pressure washer, you’ll need to buy new sand, paver cleaner and possibly efflorescence remover. This will also take you much more time than it would take us.

Have pavers that need sealing? Protect your investment and don’t waste time or money doing it yourself. Contact us today! You may be surprised at the cost of maintenance being much more affordable and value second to none.

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